MYSql Issue (Resolved)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Ape
  • We're aware of an issue with the MySQL service on server APE. This is currently being investigated.

    21:53 GMT

    • We've now identified the root cause and are working to resolve the issue

    21:55 GMT

    • This is now resolved

    22:11 GMT

    • We've had to issue a final restart to resolve this issue on the service fully

    22:16 GMT

    • We've identified a further issue which is causing problems with the SQL service, this is being resolved now

    22:30 GMT

    • This issue is now resolved, we thank you for your continued patience. If your services are still having issues please open a support ticket

  • Date - 06/01/2019 21:51 - 06/01/2019 22:31
  • Last Updated - 06/01/2019 22:31

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