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  • We are sending you this email to advise you that we are making some changes to our infrastructure.

    As you will already be aware, Xzorbix LTD strives to give the best possible quality of service ensuring that you get true value for money. In order to achieve this, we are moving the location of our servers in both the UK and America.

    If your domain is currently setup to use our DNS servers using the CNAME (eg then all changes will be made automatically. If you use external DNS then you will need to update your records to match your new server. Please contact our support team and we will be able to let you know ahead of time what your new IP will be so you will be prepared for the migration. If you are using our name servers but are currently using the IPs to define them with your domain registrar, please change them to the CNAME to avoid any issues. If you need help with this, once again, please contact our support team.

    The migration will take place on Saturday January 18th 2019 where we will be  transferring the data over to new hardware from 6am GMT. If you are using custom nameservers (ie, etc.) then we advise changing your nameserver IPs this morning so that websites will be back online once the migration is completed without delay. The new IPs are listed below;

    It is important to clarify that you will not experience downtime throughout this procedure, apart from a small amount for DNS propagation. Please note that any changes made to your website shortly before or during the migration may be lost. If possible put your site in maintenance mode to prevent any issues.


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by email via to


  • Tarih - 19/01/2019 06:00
  • Son Güncelleme - 14/01/2019 11:47

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